The Un-Job 

Break down the JOB wall!

When you hear ‘unemployment’ do you get instant shivers down your spine? How does the phrase, ‘un-job’ feel? Get off Unemployment Street and turn the corner to find yourself on ‘Un-Job’ Drive! Real soul searching and imagination are required to find your way to ‘Un-Job Dr.; however, in reality, all you really need is your imagination. One more requirement, you must recognize what you truly “love” to do.

Where do you find this street named ‘Un-Job Dr.’? You can find it at the intersection of
Unemployment St. and Self-Employment Way. Many people are making their way to this intersection. The Colorado Free University is holding an Un-Job Fair on June 2, 2012.

Keynote speakers include Steve VeltKamp, owner of the BizShop, Tama Kieves, author of This Time I Dance! Creating the Work you Love, and Barbara J. Winter, author of Making a Living Without a Job. Ms Winter has titled her talk, "Why Aren't We All Self Employed?" She is the 'visionary in chief' of a training and publishing company she founded called Winning Ways, and will share her witty and smart take on jobless living. The Un-Job Fair is presented by those who have been in the trenches of small business ownership and have risen as experts. Tools and resources are provided for the 'little guy' in the day long exploration of the opportunities and possibilities for self employment.

A sampling of the workshops include Meet the Money- Determining the Best Entity for Your Business - 'The Recipe for Marketing Success: Web, Mobile & Social Media' - 'Turn Your Ideas Into Sellable Products' - Why Should I Be Blogging for My Business? and Unleash Your Calling: Creating the Work and Life You Love.

In a recent newsletter, SimplyHired agrees that free-lancing is on the rise and is a viable solution to unemployment. The traditional job market is still 'tight'. They have found growth in online workers (independent workers, freelancers, and contractors who work remotely), has doubled in the first quarter of 2012. SimplyHired presents the following 4 Reasons to Start Looking For a Freelance Job:

  1. Ability to work outside of your local area: By freelancing you can work for a company anywhere in the country - or even the world. If you live in an area of high unemployment, freelancing is a viable option to investigate a lot of opportunities when location is not an issue.
  2. Employers are hiring independent workers: It is much easier for a company to hire someone to work virtually and is more cost efficient than bringing on a full time job candidate. Overhead costs are lower, and companies can hire the best talent without restriction on location. According to SimplyHired, " 2020, Elance, predicts that more than half of the workforce in the U.S. will be independent.
  3. Reclaim work life balance: As a 'freelancer' you are able to name your own schedule. Virtual work can revolve around other life commitments, such as school, family or hobbies. It's not just for marketers anymore; Freelancing jobs are available for a variety of skills: research, design, writing, blogging, video production, video-audio editing to name a few. More importantly, there are more and more employers actively looking for people to fit their virtual positions!

Now is the time to break away from the unemployment world and enter the "Un-Job" freelancing sphere!  If you would like some helping narrowing down your choices and building a plan to turn your passion into a business, seek out a business coach.  One of my specialties is helping Solo Entrepreneurs consciously design a business that feeds their soul and their pocketbook.   Even if you missed the fair on June 2nd, it isn't too late to start defining your Un-Job now.

To Your Success!


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